Leartes Studios & Dekogon Studios

Welcome to Leartes Studios & Dekogon Studios Realtime Environment Art Challenge Web Page. As Both Studios, we were always keen on creating our Realtime Environments by using Game Engines and now this is the time to see what our and art community may bring with our Challenge collaboration.


Challenge concept will be set up in Post Apocalyptic world, We do not define the world with more details and leave it to Artist’s imagination.


We have collaborated with Senior Apple Concept Artist Eddie Mendoza ( https://www.artstation.com/eddie ) and you can use his Concept Arts as a base idea for your Environments and use some ideas from his Artworks.

Thanks for the interest. Stay tuned for next challenges!

1. Ruslan Ragimov
2. Emran Bayati
3. Maarten Hof
1. Amal Kumar
2. Teodor Staicu

To enroll in the Challenge you need to fill the google form from this link.

To enroll to the Challenge,

  • Share Artstation Blog Post indicating that you are attending the Challenge.
  1. Indicate that you are attending the Challenge with a simple text.
  2. Share which concept you are choosing. (Eddie Mendoza’s Concept Artwork or describe your own Concept Idea.)
  3. Optional – You can share the announcement post with the Artstation Blog Post.(Link in Enrollment Form)
  • Fill google form from the given link.
  • Join the Challenge Discord Server.


Any artists may join this challenge except Leartes Studios and Dekogon Studios Full Time Artists. (If you have worked with remote / contract work you are eligible to join the challenge.)


  • 5 to 10 Final Renders ( Minimum 1080p ) from your Environment + 1 Showcase Video (10 seconds minimum length)
  • Project File from Realtime Engine will be uploaded to the given Gdrive Link.
  • 2 WIP pictures


  • The base Concept of the Environment should be based on Eddie Mendoza’s Concept or your own Creative Idea.
  • The majority of Assets used in this environment should be made by you. 3rd Party Models ( Megascans, Marketplace Assets, etc ) are allowed as long as those are not the majority of your Environment.
  • Environment Should be done in Realtime Game Engines like Unreal Engine, Unity, Cry Engine, and more. Offline Renderers are not accepted.
  • The environment should be complete Environment with Lighting.
  • Environments should be made in realistic settings.
  • Preferably Environments should have a nice frame rate and be optimized. ( Optional but might have an effect on the judgment. )
  • Social Media Posts must be made with the directions that Leartes Studios give.
  • After 16th July you will be free to share your environments on Social Media with the Challenge Thumbnail added.
  • In description, you should write that you made this artwork for the challenge.

Clinton Crumpler

Studio Head | Creative Director
Dekogon Studios

Oguzhan Kar

Founder | Creative Director
Leartes Studios

Eddie Mendoza

Senior Concept Artist

Pasquale Scionti

Senior Environment | Lighting Artist
The Initiative XBOX Studios

Jeremy Estrellado

Dinusty Empire

Serdar Urkmez

CoFounder | Lead Artist
Leartes Studios

Hannah Watts

Senior Prop Artist
Ubisoft Reflections

Eric Lautard

Material Artist
Substance by Adobe

Christoph Redl

Lead Artist
Leartes Studios

Taylor Brandenburger

Art Director | Lead 3D Artist
Dekogon Studios

David Baylis

Technical Marketing Consultant
Epic Games

Florent Tunno

Lighting Artist

Karen Stanley

Senior Environment Artist
Ubisoft Toronto

Guillaume Hecht

Environment Artist
Cloud Chamber

Kurt Kupser

Lead 3D Artist
Counterplay Games

Michal Kalisz

Environment | Prop Artist

Special thanks to very talented concept artist Eddie Mendoza for collaborating with us in our challenge.

You can use his concept artworks for reference or as a base concept for your entries. From his Artstation Portfolio link, you can see all of his amazing artworks.



Lucas Stampf, Design Hub from the sodesign.it group

Jeremy Estrellado, from the Dinusty Empire